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Thank you, listers

Many thanks for all your congratulations on our '96 year model, especially
the suggestion of flowers and the fuchs for me!  After 19 weeks of bedrest
(!), Mitchell was born three weeks early, but came home from the hospital
with us and is doing well.  

Two quick notes on Audis as Transportation to the Hospital:  The heated
seats feel fantastic during labor, and the headrests are well-designed for
clutching during a contraction.

Do I sense an Audi Orphans group starting up in a few years?

Portia Loeks, Audi Widow   


               Michael Loeks
               '86 5kcstq - Red w/ Fuchs/D60A2 1.8 bar boost
               '86 5kcstq - Grey w/ stock wheels/Comp T/A HR4 1.8 bar boost
               '85 Celica GT-S Convertible FUN in the sun! (what there is of it)
               '84 Ford F350 dually flatbed(NOW we're talking utility)
               Warren, Oregon