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Quattro, ur-quattro and TQC?

From: quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne)
>Almost all the ur-quattros have the flared arches - a very, very few 
 cars exist 
>that have ur-quattro running gear and instruments, but non-turbo 
 engines and no 
>flared arches.  2 or 3 only.  Exactly when the arches were feathered for 8" 
>wheels, I don't know.
>TQC is a different vehicle.  There are comparatively few around in the UK - I 
>think there are only two in the club and neither has flared wheel arches.

I always thought that ur-quattro and TQC were other names for the car 
 known (in the UK anyway) as the Audi Quattro.  I thought that these 
 cars had the following: Coupe body, 4 wheel drive, 2144cc (initially) 
 turbo engine with about 200hp, flared wheel arches, wide Ronal wheels 
 (>6"), 4 square headlamps initially, then 2 flat rectangular, then 
 (1984) 2 sloping to match the new grille, etc..

Could you give more info on the differences between these cars (with 
 perhaps years, engine cc and hp and running gear differences)?


1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant