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Sub frame bushings

Neil, could you post your experiences with these sub frame bushes.  I 
 recently replaced all the wishbone (A-frame) bushes, the suspension 
 strut top mounting bushes, and the two rear diff bushes (the old ones 
 were completely shot) that were easy to do on my '84 80q and noticed a 
 huge improvement in the car - however, there are still some slight 
 clunks coming from the suspension.

I didn't replace the sub frame bushes because it appeared from Bentley 
 that you had to remove the subframes . Is this true?  How difficult is it?

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant

From: Neil Swanson <75377.3445@CompuServe.COM>
>I've got Erics sub frame bushings to do tomorrow.  While I'm there I'm 
 taking a
>real close look at everything.  I had planned on doing the reccomended 
>of those rear bushings. Looking in Bentley shows the '88 style bushing 
>while at a shop getting a new "J" hydrallic hose to fix a leak that wasn't the
>hose, damn, he had one of the '88 style bushings on his desk.  Looking 
 at it you
>can see that you can't swap them left to right or end for end as I've 
 been told.
>the left and right part is different and you can't just reverse it either.
>So what are some of you doing?  Or what am I missing?