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Round and round the radical road! (A little NASCAR comment)

     Unka Bart et al,
     Anything you find below my signature i.e. anything in my post scripts, is 
     generally a comment on the way I'm feeling. The 4 door 4000 turbo quattro 
     thingy with flared wheel arches was my poor attempt at humour with respect 
     to the on going circular discussion on quattro/QTC/TQC/CTQ's/ur-qs.
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. Round and round the radical road, the radical rascal ran. Was he a 
     NASCAR driver, does anyone care....
     To all, thanks for brightening up my day!
     p.p.s. What do you think of the guys who race their tractor things around 
     submerged oval tracks, skilful or not....?  Only kidding, let's maintain 
     the quality of this fine list.