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Nick, the ABS light came on in my 91 Coupe Quattro and wouldn't go out. I 
took the car to my dealer(Holbert) and they diagnosed the problem as a bad 
ABS control module. The computer itself was at fault. After I was informed 
that a new one costs $700+ and no one the dealer knew of repairs or rebuilds 
the modules I went home. I was determined not to spend that kind of money. 
The best I could find was Shokan selling a used tested computer for $400. I 
purchased same and we're doing fine. I would still like to find someone who 
can repair and recycle my module. I refuse to throw it away. Anyone who has 
info on an electronic rebuilder/recycler please put the info on the q List.
                                                Stephen C. Kemmerer

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Author:  Nick Deutsch <deutscn@operatns.mohawkc.on.ca> at Internet
Date:    9/25/96 12:25 PM

My ABS lights came on in the dashboard, so I no longer have ABS. How many 
of you had similar problem? My brakes work perfectly, but obviously 
without ABS. Is this a major expense?
I`d appreciate any input from people who had similar experience 
Nick Deutsch
90 90 Q. 20 Valves