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Re: Quattro, ur-quattro and TQC?

Hi Robin

>I am somewhat surprised to hear of No 2., have never seen one,
>However there are also some ( rare ) short wheelbase Quattro
>Coupes around, and I would like to get more information about them.

There is a company in the UK calle Dialynx (Don't know where you are), that
does a short wheelbase conversion to quattro Coupés.  You might have seen
some of these modified cars.  They essentially cut the car in half and take
about 12" out of the floor pan and roof, then weld it back together again.
In the case of an urq, it is different to the 'real' Sport quattro, in that
it has a steeper angled windscreen.  The 'true' Sport uses a different A
frame section with a more upright pillar and different roof.

Ian Gregory

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