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RE: Snow tires

I tried the new graspic on my wifes Saab 9000 turbo - they were terrible, they aqua planed on wet roads and would not cut into slush at all. Maybe it was the car but the car worked well with haka 10

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>  I knew that all-seasons are essentially a bad solution to seasonal
>  So.. none of that. I think I've come across 3 names that stick in my
> from
>  the list: Nokias NRWs, Michelin Alpins, and Hakkas. 

Has anyone tried the Dunlop Graspics (sp?)  They "look" like a similar
compound to the Blizzak.  Unlike the Blizzak they don't turn into
all-season after 20k mi. Their price looks good - how is the tire?