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5000S - new owner/subscriber

I have recently (today) bought a 5000S ('88) and have been subscribed for
only two days.

I see little if any mention of these cars, and there must be some out there.
Is the list really limited to Quattro models and if so is there a list for
FWD Audi autos?

As an introduction, I work at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, am 47 years old
and do network administration.

The car is a non-turbo, automatic, grey in color and has about 95K miles on it.

It needs a new strut on the front left, and was wondering what people think
about replacing just that one.  The other seems to be fine, though it is
probably original.

Also, are there typical failure or maintenance issues on these cars that a
person might not be aware of?

Thanks in advance.


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