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re: break-in

re: break-in and oil

1) I'd change the oil every 3 mos/3750 i addition
to their schedule.

2) Contrary to Dan's post, the dealer mechancis 
do NOT say that the oil is special break-in oil; 
I asked.  It appears to be regular 10-40.

3) I would not use synthetic for the first 10k or so,
also on the mechanic's advice.

4) My source _could_ be wrong, he's not factory, he's
the US dealer, but this is more than "speculation".

5) re; Varrying speed.  You can both vary your speed, AND
change gears occasionally.  The ghoal here is to avoid
patterns of wear associated with a single engine speed -
that might result in either tight or "not straight" / "
not entirely round" cylinder walls (at a small scale).