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On Sep 30,  9:39am, Royal,Paul wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>  I've got a 1990 90Q20V with an annoying trait.  Whenever I'm running the   
> climate control (heat or A/C, but particularly with the A/C) I experience   
> very slight, but very annoying drag that is intermittent.  Normally, one   
> may experience a slight drag when first turning on the A/C in a car, but   
> this goes on and on and on.  The symptom is that you can feel the car   
> laboring ever so slightly off and on for the duration of the drive.  This   
> can't be normal (can it?).

Being new to Audis, I can't comment specifically on them.  But
my experience with other cars is that the AC compressors are
engaged via an electric clutch, and as long as the AC is switched
on, the clutch in under thermostatic control, engaging and
disengaging (much like a home airconditioner will cycle on
and off).

I assume that this would be the case in any moderately sophisticated
climate control (e.g. Audi's); I hope that when I switch on the
AC and drive for a few hours, that the compressor is not engaged
the entire time!

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q