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Final word on Carbon Fiber dash in S4

I've got all my Audi brochures here laid out, and it seems that 1993 WAS the
only year for Carbon Fiber dash after all on the S4/6 (according to the
brochures, which are sometimes wrong) , then wood from 94-96.  There is no
mention of the S4 for model year 1992, and that's how I remember it. As for
the original S4, the 1991 5K based car, Dave Head and I just drove one the
other day and it had wood trim. (blurred walnut i believe, they stopped using
Zebrano wood because it came from the rainforest--I think)

Christian J. Long - Orlando, FL
1990 Coupe Quattro
1990 90 
Previous Audis: 1980 5KT,  1984 Coupe GT,  1985 Coupe GT,  1987 Coupe GT 2.3
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