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Re: S4 suspension

In a message dated 96-09-30 09:54:53 EDT, you write:

<< Jon, does your S4 have the rear anti-roll bar?  Do you know when Audi 
 stopped fitting them?
 Incidentally, I was talking to Ned last week & he too has a suspension kit 
 for the S4.  Have you seen/driven in any kitted cars?  Obviously, Eric's 
 seems to be the hot tip at the moment, but I'm not about to upgrade without 
 riding in one.  I got a ride in a Hoppen-kitted car that rode like a truck 
 (but zero lean!).  Forget the guy's name, he lives in New York, sez potholes

 are NO PROBLEM.  I'll bet he doesn't have many fillings tho!
I'm embarassed to say I don't know! I did look around recently, and don't
remember seeing it. Gotta love the side by side Cats, prolly serious $$$$$$$

I read a review of the Hoppen suspension in EC around February, and they were
positive. They called it the "executive suspension," saying it wasn't as
stiff as what would be used for a German Autobahn cruiser. I talked to
somebody who hated it, and is waiting for ERIC to finish his kit, which is
under developement.

At Lime Rock I rode in CAMRA1, a suspension and engine (TAP) modified S4
which belonged to Andy Moffett, an instructor. It certainly rode well, but
not tested on the street/I didn't get to play with it. I don't know what the
mods are.

For what its worth, Libra Racing's former champion rally driver John Buffam
warned me not to eliminate all roll, saying that the large heavy car with Q
drive needs some. I'm too ignorant to understand this, so I defer to the
experts (ERIC?) to answer why.

When I went from 205/60HR15 junk to 225/50ZR16 Dunlop SP8000's the ride got
noticable harsher, but it's worth the increased cornering and road feel. They
feel a bit more scary on some of the funky dirt roads compared to the old
tyres, and I'm wary that any suspension upgrade will make dirt road driving
scarier. The 15" snows are great on the dirt, dry or snow/ice/slush/mud (a
typical January, though 1/96 the worst mud in years, even worse than our
famous extra season......MUD SEASON!!).

All contributions to these concerns appreciated.


Jonathan Fenton       JEFDO@aol.com
Montpelier, VT
'93 S4sIA3