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[Fwd: Re: combo switch problem]

Pablo A. Carselle wrote:
> Ron Angert wrote:
> >
> > Pablo, send helpOk:
> Objective is to replace combination switch as a complete unit. This descrption assumes
> you ave either a new or reworwed combination switch in your hands. Switch is available
> from Faubernugen or Shokan
> Step 1.- Place steering in the middle. Not critical but since you are going to remove
> the steering wheel, it is nice if you can mount it back in the same relative position.
> Step 2.- Disconnect negative side of battery (under back seat in your car ?)
> This step is not completely necessary but it adds safety against accidentally blowing
> the horn.
> Step 3.- This step assumes there is no "AIR BAG" in your car. If there is, I recommend
> you stop this process and visit the Audi dealer !
> If no air bag, remove the center section of the steering wheel by prying with your
> fingers only and pulling with as many fingers as possible towards the face of the
> driver. The assembly will resist but eventually give and come out. It is held in place
> by four plastic retainers. Chances are you will break on or two ( no problem visit the
> Audi dealer, purchase and replace. Not expensive.
> >Step 4.- Loosen the center nut holding the steering wheel. One hand on the wheel the
> other in the socket wrench drive handle . Socket is 22 or 24 mm.
>   Remove nut/washer.If I remember correctly there is a single wire terminated in a spade
> connector to be removed at this time. This is the horn hot wire. Remove steering wheel.
> Set aside.
> Step 5 .- A circular copper ring with lubrication should now be exposed. Thats fine !
> The combination swith is held in place by a round clamp and only one phillips screw and
> nut. The nut will not fall if you don not over loosen. ( no more then 1 1/2 turns )
> Now to loosen the clamp ! There is an elongated hole  underneath trim and switch
> assembly. A medium size phillips screwdriver can be inserted through this hole at an
> angle of about 45 degrees  to the edge of the trim. I recommend you use a flashlight and
> peek through the elongated hole. You will see the clamp screw. This will give you an
> idea of the angle you need to use.   Loosen the clamp screw  a couple of turns. Move
> with care the combination switch towards you a couple of inches.
> Step 6.- As you move the swith towards you, you  will expose electrical connectors. All
> will remain in the car after you disconnect them from the bad switch, with one
> exception. The cruise control plug which is wired to the switch (very obvious) and comes
> out with the combination switch. All connectors are coded, so there is no danger of
> placing them erroneously in the new switch.
> Step 7.- Replace switch reconnect connectors, tighten clamp etc.......
> That is it !
> Good luck and happy driving

Avi: This is the message you requested, hope it helps !
Best wishes