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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1110

In a message dated 96-09-30 02:25:07 EDT, Eric writes:

>Carbon is only on the first year S4's unless you've gone to the dealer 
>and bought the trim parts and replaced the wood.

Carbon fibre was only on 1993 models....I test drove a 1992 before buying the
1993, and the 92 had wood...would have bought it, but the thing was rattling,
salesperson said gears were messed up, we had to jump start the thing in
order to drive it, rear bumper was not aligned properly, the computer records
had a long (year and a half) period where the car lacked service, and
finally, the owner "leaked" to me that the previous owner had totalled his
last audi before this one....No way I'm buying that car Dude! 

What the '92 did have was: "normal" gearbox - you didn't have to push the
shifter to the left and forward (like a VW, ie: EuroGolfs); and the computer.
(with the much-needed boost guage) I also think that it had the rear
anti-roll bar, but I didn't verify that at the time, as I only found out my
'93 lacked it recently - and that's why the thing starts freaking out in
turns on bumpy roads...unlike the Caprice...

Dorab (nivi@aol.com) 

PS: You can still order your S4 with carbon fibre in Europe - the 1996
brochure shows it equipped with it!