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Re: Should I replace the 4kq? (was: How to make faster)

On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, Steve Verona wrote:

> The pros and cons:
> The 4kq is now mechanically perfect; who knows with the new 5kqt
> I know my 4kq and how to work on it the rare times it needs help; 5kqt not.
> The 4kqt looks sportier; the 5kqt is more luxurious.
> The 4kqt is a simple car; the 5kqt is somewhat complicated (I have read the 
> 	posts about the electrical problems)
> Thanks for the help.  Oh yeah, one last thing.  Selling the 4kq and living 
> without a quattro is NOT AN OPTION!!
> -- 

Wait untill next year when Subaru brings over the WRX. AWD, 280 bhp etc....

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