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Re: My 90' CQ's got problems.....

Hi Alvin,

As to the window, I had the same problem about a year ago with my CQ, on 
the driver's side. Didn't trust my dealer, who repaird it for
about US$500 -- I squaked about the cost, so they only made my pay 50% of 
it, the rest came from the Audi Canada goodwill fund.
When you get yours fixed, take note that they align your window properly 
--- in my case they didn't, and there was much more wind noise
coming from the top of the door seal.

Regarding your exhaust --- I spoke last week with Frank Sprongl of Four 
Star Racing (he rallies an S2 Coupe) about exhaust mods for
possible HP increases. He said forget it --- tweeking the exhaust on the 
Coupe will in most cases actually decrease HP ---- and you
wouldn't want that, right <g>> Even if it sounds better!


1990 Coupe quattro 20V (60,000 miles, barely broken in, original owner).

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