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Re: A4Q break-in: first oil change, etc.

Oh please help about that.
I have planned to have an oil change tomorrow for my
A4 with 3400 miles on it.
After I read Mr. Riviello's email...., I am kind of 
holding back.

Any sugguestion???


On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Achille Riviello wrote:

> Well, it seems that the opinions differ dramatically on this one point of
> the A4Q break-in issue.  The service manager at my dealership says:
> "Do not change the oil before the 7500 check-up.  The factory oil has
> additives in it that aid in the break-in of the engine.  Also, Audi has just
> issued a factory bulletin stressing that the oil *not* be changed before the
> 7500 mile check-up."
> The vast majority of the opinions expressed through this mailing list have
> been to the tune of "Change it!!"
> Some say that the oil should be changed very quickly (delivery to 500
> miles).  Others say 1000 miles, while still others say about the 3000 mile mark.
> Can anyone shed some light on Audi's recommendations??  I asked, and cannot
> obtain any factory oil for a change prior to 7500 miles--apparently they do
> not use that same stuff for the 7500 mile changes.  So, the $37 million
> questions is: when should I make my first oil change?????
> Other points.  Everyone agrees synthetic oils should *not* be used until at
> least 7500 miles, or perhaps even 10,000 or 15,000 miles.  Also, varying
> rpm's is a must for break-in, with advise generally recommending not to
> exceed 3200-3500 rpms.
> Any other break-in tips are more than welcome.  I'd especially like to hear
> opinions on the oil change issue.  Thanks in advance.
> Achille Riviello
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