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<All> NTW/Tires

About NTW tires and installations....Chris King said:
> I did the same exact thing about a year ago, even on the same kind of tires
> for my '88 5kCST.  First I had to listen to a bunch of crap how you're not
> supposed to put "H" rated tires on a Turbo car, how I needed speed-rated
> tires.  Gee guys, I don't think I'll be doing 130mph anytime soon...I need
> my driver's license.
> So after assuring them that H rated tires were just fine for me, I got them
> to match Tire Rack's price.  And I did one better - they didn't figure in
> the shipping, so it actually came out less!

Tell you my problem with NTW: their guys work TOO fast to do quality 
work.  I have done biz with them once, and ended up taking the car 
back twice for re-balances.

I had to watch them like a hawk!  I specifically told them NOT to 
touch my wheels with an impact wrench...AND they wrote it on the work 
order. I also specifically instructed them to torque the lug nuts, 
and the correct torque...also written on the work order.

Then their shop guy gets to flying around in circles, and EVERY TIME 
he got near my car he disregarded the instructions on the work order. 
Hell, he never looked at it!  I had to stand there and stop him every 
time he reached for the impact wrench...which was every time he got 
near the car taking them off, and putting them back on.  I also had 
to re-instruct him that I wanted them torqued, and what the spec was.

I expect a tire "professional" (which these guys may not be...) to 
know better than to even LOOK at cast wheels with an impact wrench in 
hand.  But if you value your wheels, you better park yourself next to 
the car and get ready to slap them around.

I had to do this every time my car went in their shop.  It's not 
worth it.  Charge me $5-$10 more a tire and give me quality service with 
someone who will LISTEN to me as a customer!  Price is not 
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