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re:Pikes Peak/Mt. Washington debate

Mt. Washington is the oldest......

On Wed, 2 Oct 1996 brv@chrysler.com wrote:

>      If my memory serves me correctly, as past Regional Executive for the
>      Northeastern Pennsylvania Region SCCA, the Giant's Despair Hillclimb
>      in Wilkes-Barre Pa. (Laurel Run actually) is the oldest running race
>      still in existance.  This fact was somewhat in debate as there were
>      years it didn't run due to things like WWII or lack of organisation. I
>      wish I could remember the fist year it ran, perhaps 1903-07?
>      I have visited the AAMA (American Automobile Manufacturers
>      Association) archives here in Detroit which is an incredible
>      collection of automotive literature from turn of the century to
>      present which is actually cataloged and cross referenced by subject in
>      each article/document!! (Tough work before the days of computers!!).
>      They had a publication that covered the event each year and I
>      distinctly recall reading an article from the vintage I listed.
>      Perhaps someone can back me up or prove me incorrect??  I just wish I
>      had a better memory:>|
>      Brian Vinson
>      Ferndale, MI
>      86 5KCSTQ