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Re: Low Gauge Readings

I saw this commonly with the older 5ks.  The voltage regulator is an IC
mounted to the cluster circuit-board on those.  When it gets bad those are
the symptoms.  Also I saw a bad dash ground do the same once.

At 01:18 PM 10/2/96 -0700, Mike Miller (Volt Comp) wrote:
>My 91 200q (3B engine) has suddenly started to display lower than normal
>readings on all the gauges. Volts down about 1v from normal, oil
>pressure down to just shy of 4 bar when driving and warm from where it
>used to be ~5bar and now just under 2 bar at idle, oil temp a notch or
>so low, etc..Even boost reads .9 with key on. Are all these (except for
>boost) controlled by the multifunction switch? And is the multifunction
>sw located by the after run thermostat under the intake manifold? Where
>does the boost function on the trip computer get it's input from? On the
>91 200, isn't there an atmospheric pressure sensor that affects how much
>boost is allowed? Anyone know where that is located? Seems to me if that
>were sensing lower than actual (higher altitude), then boost would be
>lowered also. I just gotta get the Bentley shortly.
>mike miller
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