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Coupe q suspension - results

Hi all,

Well, I've spent five days with the coupe, here's what I've found:

I replaced the original springs/ shocks with Eibach springs and Boge Turbo Gas shocks. I also changed the tires from Yoko A509s to AVS-S4vs. Overall, I am very pleased. The ride is dampened now, no see-saw when I shift! The car is substantially lower, more than the 1" thet Eibach quoted, I think... It sits very low and the wheelwells are filled, looks fantastic. The ride is very good, handling has improved  greatly. I can take my favorite cloverleaf at a substantially higher speed without starting to understeer. It is also good over bumps, small frost heaves send a small jolt through the car, all other pavement irregulaities are handled well. On larger bumps, I notice the car hitting the stops more than before, I think this should be expected, as I went with a softer shock. A firmer shock would negate this, but I am happy with the compromise I made (not going koni, etc.) because the car still rides very well in daily driving.

The brake problem ended up being the master cylinder... but my brake liight stays on for a longer time now when I start - up to 20 seconds, what should I look at replacing next?

Well, this was just my disjointed summary of changes to the Coupe, if anyone needs more info, ie. clearance measurements, let me know...

Todd - Akron, Oh
'90 Coupe q
'84 Jeep Scrambler