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> I had to watch them like a hawk!  I specifically told them NOT to 
> touch my wheels with an impact wrench...AND they wrote it on the work 
> order. I also specifically instructed them to torque the lug nuts, 
> and the correct torque...also written on the work order.

I have also had the same problem with NTW and will NEVER buy tires from
them again. After they put on new tires, I had to get a 200 pound friend
to literally jump up and down on the lug wrench to break the nuts free.

The next time I went in, I had them write it on the work order to manually 
torque the lug nuts with the same result.

Two other friends have had similar experiences. One of them complained and 
was told by the service advisor that there is no relationship between how 
difficult the nuts are to remove and how much torque was used to put them 
on! In other words, they were properly torqued and within a week they 
magically torqued themselves to 200+ lb-ft.

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