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Re: Griot's Clay

     Well, I too get the Griot's catalog and I have seen the Griot's "Cleaning
Clay" as well.  I have heard that it is a puddylike clay and is used with a liq
uid.  I have heard that it is great for cleaning the surface of the paint, whic
h is what you want to do before you wax, but it will not remove those acid rain
and water spots.  For that you will need something a bit more abrasive.

     I would highly reccomend using a random orbital buffer and some polishing
waxes to remove light scratches and water spots.  I too have two metallic coats
and a clearcoat and this will not remove or "burn" the clearcoat if you use the
right products.  BTW, Griot's has a great line of machine polishes that are ver
y safe.  They have three different levels.  You probably only need the lower on
e, or maybee the medium one.  The highest level is mostly for extremely damaged
paint.  I plan on getting one of thier polishing compounds, but I haven't had t
he time to do any major detailing on my car recently.

     If you don't have access to a power buffer, I would highly reccomend using
a polishing compound by hand.  But, be very carefull which products you use as
well.  I tried some Turtle Wax stuff to remove some tree sap stains, and I got
them out, but I had some horrible swirl marks on my roof.  So, I got some stuff
called "Safe Cut" by the Wax Shoppe, and it works great and removed all those
nasty swirl marks.  And, it was very easy to use, and very safe!  I would highl
y reccomend Safe Cut, but there aren't many other compounds I can reccomend.  S
afe Cut can be found at most auto parts places.  I got mine at Pep Boys.

     After you are done with getting the spots and scratches removed, I'd recco
mend putting a coat of regular wax over it for protection and superior shine.
I personally use Zymol and I love it, but I have also heard that Griot's "Best
of Show" wax is very good as well.  I have yet to try it though.  BTW, Zymol ha
s two types: "Creme" for lighter cars and one for darker cars (I forget what it
's called though).  Well, plan on spending a good bit of your weekend waxing if
you decide to do this, but I think you will be pleased with the results!  Good
luck and happy waxing!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.