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Re: Harley comment

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Barton P. Chambers wrote:

> > I think Harley's engines always sounds like they are back-firing. Don't 
> > these guys get a headache riding these things? ;) I hate these things pull 
> > along side or behind me they sound so obnoxious. I kind of prefer the 
> > sound of the BMW's inline 3 and 4 cylinders motorcycle engines, the 
> > silent no fuss type.

Unka Bart is right.... 1920's technology. I am a big bike lover, Ive had 
everything from 550E to GSXR1100 and everything in between. Now I dont 
know a lot about Hardly's but I do know that I made the mistake of 
getting an apartment across from a biker bar. Biiiiiiiiig mistake. Anyone 
who has made that mistake Im sure is not a Hardly fan. I am not. At all. 
They are two wheeled tractors. (Old tractors, not the modern ones that 
have exhaust...)

In their defense though, my roomie had one. It was nice, and from what I 
understand, that from the factory, they are well muffled...It rode a 
PANTLOAD better than my GSXR too, but thats about it.

If my car ever sounded like a harley, I would be pulled over in a second. 
How come they can get away with it??? Hrmph!

....yeah, and I got flamed 'cause this "isnt a NASCAR list..."  ;-)


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