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Re: 90 V8Q.....another new Audi owner w/questions

This is a post that somehow got stuck in my outgoing box, from the days gone by. I 
guess, "better later than never":
>The used car dealer had the front brake rotors and pads, the O2 sensors, a 
>Hall-effect sensor, and the spark plugs replaced to prep the car for 
>re-sale.  (Work was actually performed by local Audi dealer.)  I got
> copies of the receipts and was mortified to find that the front rotors >cost 
$350 each.  Post-purchase research indicates there's something rather >unique 
about that model year's braking system.  What's the real story here?

As far as I know, AOA performed a "good will" replacement of those expensive
rotors. The whole set-up was being replaced with the standard 2 pot Girlings of a 
200TQ. Evidently the previous owner neglected to do it. You might still have a 
chance. Try calling AOA @ 800-FOR-AUDI.

>That same dealer's "used-car buyer's inspection" suggests that over the
>next couple of years I will need shocks all 'round, belts, hood struts, and 
>possibly a power steering pump.

The pump usualy leaks @ one or several of the caps. There are two options:

1. Buy a rebuilt unit @ approx $170 from a reputable vendor (IPC, GPR etc.)
it still runs well on my ex-5000s FWD after 4 years, or

2. Get a kit and rebuild it yourself in less than an hour, which I did 2 mos. ago
on my 200TQ - peace of cake! Just follow your Bently PRECISELY, especially in the 
cleansiness requirements. The kit is a genuine ZF-made, and has all O-rings and 
seals needed. Its Audi p/n is 026 198 049B and I have bought it from Blau @ 
$16.95. Plus, most importantly, I got to keep my own pump, which is perfect 

Good luck:-)