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A3-Please don't sent it to USA!

Just got my new Car & Driver, they have a 1 page article on the A3 and a big
article on the A8.  They like the A3, but I don't think it should come here,
it will just confuse Audi's image now that they are a true up class automaker
with the A8.  The 80 wasn't the best idea either, it's a good car, but did
not help to bring up Audi's image, which is needed to bring up the resale
value to that of it's competitors.

The aritcle on the A8 is great, they love it except for the cupholders.  And
boy, it is soooooo good looking!

Now WHere the hell is my A4 based Coupe!!! I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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