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Hello all,

As you can all see from the message title, my 87 5000s has learned to make
a new sound as she gets around the 98k mile mark.

Seems to be coming from the front end. Thought I had developed a nice
exhaust leak as sound rises and falls with car speed( Manual tranny here).
But the moving while de-clutched proved that thesis to be wrong.

I have felt both front rims and lug bolts after driving. No discernible
heat difference between the 2 wheels. Grrrrr is louder when negotiating
right turns.

Is everyone thinking what I'm thinking. (As I prepare to make sacrifices to
the Gods. Still searching for that elusive virgin.)
I'm thinking it's the round thingey that's got balls and races. And it's a
part that's waaay beyond my tools and skills to fix so she might be off to
the (GASP!) dealer. Who's got that tub of V*seline.

Sigh! Is this a sign I should not be going to meet the DC q crowd?