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Re: Seat heaters under leather...

>Does anyone know how to remove the leather seat (barcoloungers) cover to
>gain access to the element? 

I have repaired it on both sides. It is straitforward, although time consuming.
All the leather is secured by the hooks and brackets, just undo them. The trick 
part is getting the head rest recepticals out. On the other hand you don't need to 
do it for the heating element repair. I've done it only because I was also 
reupholstering my seats in light beige velour.

Incidently, I have the full leather upholstery (sans headrests) off my 200 for 
sale. It is in excellent condition, black, fits Sports seats that were optional on 
a 200 and may fit a V8 also. Best offer.

Anyway, do not follow the ridiculous Bently advice on cutting the older elements 
out/dragging the new ones in. This approach is crude, awkward and expensive.
Remove the heating element completely, find the break where the fabric is slightly 
burnt, cut it several cm and fish that blue wire out. Fish it through a piece of 
heat shrink tubing, strip the insulation off the wire ends and interlace them. The 
wire IS solderable. It is multi strand and is vowen out of NiCr and Cu threads.
Solder it, heat shrink the insulation and voila. Cost you nothing to repair.
Igor Kessel
the sweetheart: 200TQ, chipped and MOMO'd through out,
in Tornado "arrest-me-officer" Red;
the ex: 5000s, the EE's nightmare
Phila PA, USA