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Tire Companies; General Interest, I hope....

Found this on the net, so I can't confirm correctness, but thought
folks might find it of general interest:

BF Goodrich Company - USA
             Tire division merged with Uniroyal in 1986.  Now solely a
             manufacturer of PVC pipe, but the tires brand name is still   
         Bridgestone - Japan
             Makes Bridgestone and Firestone brands.
         Continental AG - Germany
             Makes Continental and General brands.
         Dunlop Tire Corp - Japan
             Subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd
         Firestone - Japan
             sold to Bridgestone in 1988.
         Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company - USA
             Sole US tire mfgr.  Also operates 2,000 service centers   
             Makes Goodyear, Atlas, Lee, and Kelly-Springfield brands.
         Michelin Tire Corp - France
             Tires are all they do.
             Makes Michelin, Uniroyal, BF Goodrich brands.
         Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corp - Italy
             Makes Pirelli and Armstrong brands.
         Toyo - Japan
         UGTC (Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Corp) - France
             Holding corp for BFG and Uniroyal based in Delaware, USA.
             Bought by Michelin in 1990.
         Uniroyal - France
             Merged with BFG tire division in 1986 to become Uniroyal   
         Yokohama Tire Corp - Japan
             Makes Yokohama brand.

         Top world mfgrs in 1992 were Michelin (22%), Goodyear (18%),
         Bridgestone (17%), Continental (7%), Pirelli (7%).