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Hazy, lazy, crazy wood trim

While singing the praises of the beloved 200Q, 
Scott M. (scott.john.mockry@bangate1.tek.com) comented:

> These cars  had some problems with the wood dash clear coat getting
> cloudy over time, this was reportedly fixed on later 90 model 200TQ's
> (after 11/89 build date)

King Running-Iron immediately fell to his knees, wailing with a great sorrow
in his heart:
Ye' gods!  The luscious Zebrano wood in my Coupe (7/89 build) has been
stricken by the haze of which you speak!  The warm glow of nature that
adorns mein Fraulein is fading from my sight, and I fear the memory alone 'tis
too weak to sustain me!  What dastardly fiends these gods be!  I plead for
assistance from the great and powerful List.  What toll will be exacted for my
dereliction?  What behavior is best for cleaning/protecting my cherished
piece o' the rainforest?  May the sprites of the Black Forest shine upon
you for your gracious charity!

Then Eric steps in:
Aw shucks... IOW, can I reverse the damage, or at least cease it's progression?
What do y'all use on this here stuff?
Can you tell it's been a slow work day?

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  --  my "running-iron" ;^)