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Re: Rebirth of old law

Probably have to agree with Osman here. It's ability to be tested for. Not
physical maturity of driver.

I've seen too many 'drivers' who will not be proofed when buying alcohol
drive like nimbits. Age don't mean much if the common sense and respect and
traffic awareness is just not there.

Probably the same type of people who put MacD's coffee in Nature's Original
Cupholder.('tween the legs). Sigh!

>As for making the age 18 to get a license.. I'm not sure if that is the correct
>solution. If a person can pass the practical/Exam at 16.. then let them get
>what they are entitiled to. Increase the restrictions/penalties but don't take
>away the privledge entirely.
>                               -Osman Parvez
>                                89 200q
>                                Siena College
>                                Albany NY