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Re: BMW lies, all lies

Snip snip anti... BMW stuff
BMWS are "see me" cars.  with the exception of the magnificent M5's and to
some extent the M3's, the blood has been diluted.  BMW no longer makes
performance cars, but Boulevard status symbols.  I had a '91 M5
which I bought used, with warranty remaining and with the cooperation of
the local dealer Seattle, NOT Bellevue..brought the car back to 100%  
The cost ?

1 new gearbox  		$11,000.00
New Brakes and Rotors  $  1,800
etc etc.			$ 4 000

I quickly realized that I did not want to own this beast after the
warranty expired.  Most dealer service programs take you to the cleaners
but BMW maintenance is astronomical.

In contrast, my Audis have been very economical to own, and in thier
environment (snow) every bit as exciting to drive.
I will never forget the looks on the faces of Corvette drivers when the M5
ran them down and passed them, though.