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Re: quattro(porte) for sale...

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Bryan Gunn wrote:

> Yeek! Be afraid, be very afraid. A friend of mine has an '89 Maserati 228.
> The 228 has many, many re-engineered features and enhancements and it still
> runs poorly. The 228 has EFI, no smog pump, redesigned seals, and a zillion
> other things. The older cars are carburetted, have smog pumps, burn 
> more oil than gasoline, and in general are lucky to have
> made it 47K miles. And the prices of parts! Man, I'll never complain about
> the quattro again. 228 brake discs are $250 each! This should give you an
> idea of the unflinching financial commitment a Maser requires.

Not to defend Mas or anything, but I had unusually good luck with mine I 
think. It was a biturbo E, carbureted, intercooled swiss edition. That 
sucker was FAST! Mildly tweeked would lose most cars. Rode great, looked 
great and was...get this...reliable. I drove it exclusively for two years 
(except winters) and it was awesome. I will say that the italians were 
testing a little too much wine when they designed it however, but I had 
really good luck with mine.  Parts werent real expensive either, you just 
had to know where to go. Like audi...would you spend $150 per rotor from 
Thats all...all in all, I wish I still had it, I got rid of it for the 
UrQ...It wasnt a mistake, Im sure of it!


bob.damato@snet.com (Temporarily Down!!!)
               Drive Safe, Drive Fast, Drive a Quattro