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RE: Finally fixed it!

>>>>> "glen" == glen  <gpowell@acacianet.com> writes:

    glen> Well, I pulled out the NGK plugs this weekend and put in
    glen> brand new Bosch F5DPOR plugs and my 200q can finally hit
    glen> full boost without bucking and stuttering.  Thanks to
    glen> AudiDudi for pointing me in that direction.=20

    glen> John Mallick '91 200q

    glen> Cool. I get a sort-of 'roughness' or even almost a misfire
    glen> when I run = over 15-17 PSI in the ur-q. It is not
    glen> detonation or lean-out. Could = these F5PDOR plug$ be the
    glen> solution to running ever higher levels of = boost?

    glen> -glen

They're not "magic" plugs by any means.  I assume that the electrodes
are platinum (substantial pieces, not whiskers), and the gap is to the
side of the center electrode.  Gap is about 0.028".  The old NGK's I
took out had been worn to about 0.048"; that was probably the cause of
the misfire.