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Re: Suspension Analysis

> I have driven my 86 Coupe(n/a) with fullly tweeked suspension, on many a 
> SCCA track events. Some where three laps WORE OUT the front tire's! 
> It has been video taped many times, none of which show the rear tire's
> departing from the ground. I'm not saying its not possable, mine's been 
> on two wheels before, but very difficult for mine with its suspension 
> setup the way it is. A stocker, yes, cause all the body roll lends a 
> hand in it. The Coupe with its large over steer effect usually will 
> slide out the front end before the rear pitches high enough to lift! Its 
> wheel base is just a bit too long fer this.(my opinion) 

Interesting ... I've never had any trouble lifting the inside rear wheel of
ANY 4k/Coupe -- stock or modifed -- off the ground under hard cornering.  I
assume you know that once you do, you've transferred all the weight you can
and the rear bar has no further effect whatsoever.  In my experience, there
is very little benefit to a rear bar on these cars once you're driving over
7/10ths ... Yes, it helps transient feel during normal driving but it won't
make any difference at the limit, especially if you're on sticky tires.

(BTW, you don't really need to add a bar anyway ... weld a few small pieces
of 1/8" plate across the axle channel and you can accomplish the same thing
with a lot less weight AND cost!)

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