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Re: Help! Teenage Driver Training

>Bondurant's web page lists a 
>teen course.  Skip Barber is a lot more convenient for me here in 
>Connecticut.  I'm sure there are other alternatives (my wife and I had a 
>blast last year at the Jean Paul Luc Ice Driving School in Steamboat).  Has 
>anyone any direct personal experience with a great school that would work 
>for a non-racer sweet young thing?  Looking for raves/pans/anecdotes and a 
>warm feeling that I'm not wasting my money.  Cost is trivial compared to her

>life.  What's the best choice?

As a Skip Barber instructor my suggestion is send her to the Advanced 
highway driving course.  Best money that you will EVER spend on her 
driving education. You should also try to attend with her.  It will be an 
experience that you two will never forget.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO