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for opinions on this brake part

brake pad warning light flashing?
Two possible reasons- your pads have reached the wear limit and the wire
that is embedded in them have broken.  
Solution-get new pads
Other reason, there is a break in the wiring some where.  Just trace the
wires and see.  One possible quick way to make sure it is the pads is
disconnect the connector and then jump the two terminals on the connector
together.  Do this on both sides of the car.  It should make your light go out.
If not, you have a wiring problem somewhere else upstream.  
Your pressure accumulator has gone out.  Common problem 
Solution-replace the pressure accumaltor.  There is a test you can do to
make sure it is the PA aka the Bomb.  (INSERT ERICS STEST)
Or, you are low on fluid.  Another possible slim chance, if you haven't
changed the fluid in a LONG time, it might not be operating up to spec.  So
change it ASAP.  If that is the case, once changed, your brakes will also
feel firmer and you will get betting braking distance.
BTDT with this.  MY problem was that the ABS relay had a bad solder connection
and whenever I hit a bump it would come on and off.  I just soldered up the
relay connection (had to take the relay cover off) and away I went.  
Some other possible reasons
Switch for ABS has bad corrosion/contact on the rear.  Take your switch out
and plug it in and out a couple times.  
ABS sensor for the wheels misaligned.  Go to the dealer and for the 1.50
get the little plastic caps that go in there.  THey allow you just to push the
sensor in their to the correct distance.  Just make sure your sensor is real
close to it's original position, not turned.  
ABS sensor could just be destroyed.  They are expensive but easy to fix.  
Take it out- if there is a bunch of gunk on it, clean it up and clean the
CV joint up adn the housing for the sensor.  
Too much garbage can also cause interference with correct operating.
IF the wrong CV joint is on your car then you will never get correct ABS
This is dangerous and can cause your car to swerve,etc. as the ABS doesn't
know anybetter.  The sensor reads the splines on the CV joint.  Wrong amount
of splines (ie wrong joint) and your car will NEVER brake right.
Rotors need replacement as well as pads. IF you just did a brake job and
didn't have the rotors cut try cutting em.  Uneven rotors caused from the old
set of pads will not work well with new pads.  I have yet to cut any of mine
but then again, I don't brake like a beast.  
Warped rotors will cause this.  Can't get those cut, just replaced.  
To have that never happen again, don't brake so hard all the time.  THat 
heat builds up to incredible temperatures there and the rotors will contort.
If changing pads with aftermarket or whatever and you didn't cut the rotor
this could happen.  My solution that fixed it permenately, just put a little
anti-squeal material on the back of the pads.  It's cheap and easy to do.
No more squeal.  
If they are squealing and you haven't just changed pads, then you probably
need new pads ASAP.  Get it checked out before you start braking metal to