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Re: (Fwd) RE: Kancamangus Run Participants

Richard Davis wrote:
>  ...we were thinking about meeting at the NH state liquor store...
>  ...I propose a gathering at Dunkys...

I am confused. Where are we going to meet???
I work in Manchester, and have some good advice IMHO. 

	The Mall is being expanded.
	The Roadways are all messed up.
	The interim traffic patterns are a disaster.
	There are TWO Dunkin Donuts, one standalone
		and one in a gas station, so someone
		will definitely go to the wrong one.
	Once you are there, it is very difficult to get
		turned around and back on the highway.

The Hooksett (just north of Manchester on 93) State Liquor
Store/ Rest Area is a much much much better idea. Please
decide, and send an unambiguous agenda. Thanks

Glenn Lawton