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Re: last minute questions and Linda

>>have some days that are better than others.  I have received more good service 
>>from Linda than bad, and sometimes, she can get those parts you really need at 
>>the better discount price.
>I would have to agree with you on the fact that I too have received more
>good service than bad from Linda...actually I haven't had any problems with
>orders, though some other folks have....
>Chris Lemon          

Hi Stott, Chris et al,

	I must add my $.02 here, Linda has alway been a straight shooter with
me. We kid around, we laugh, she researched the short shift part stuff for me,
AND the right stuff has always arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Now, I
did have a guy from Shokan's tell me over the phone that both Mr. Bentley and I
were full of smelly brown stuff...for what that's worth;-\

	So kudos from me to Linda anyways:-)

Just my 2/100 of a buck!