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Quattro Coupe questions

In message <199610092117.OAA10823@freespeech.firepower.com> agaidos@firepower.com writes:

> Unfortunatly the archives gave me more concerns then comfort.

Good.  That's what they're there for.

> First the car is #347, Mars Red with 77,000 miles

The mileage is not an issue, but the pattern of use seems to be.  Cars that 
were regularly ignored for months on end seem to cause problems in later life.
But generically, the Audi 5-pot engines are 'agricultural' - it takes a lot of 
abuse to wreck one.

> Here is my short list of concerns:

> 1. Rust-On the sideskirts there is a seam and both these seams have   
>    rust. It is more then superficial but small (2inch by 1/2 inch). If its  
>    just on the seam it is no prblem but if it started from behind the 
>    skirt it maybe way worse.

I would stop _right_there_ and check further.  This seam is a favourite place 
for "cut-and-shut" merchants to join the front and rear halves of wrecked or 
stolen cars.  Make _damn_ sure that you're really looking at one car, and not 
the front half of one and the back half of another.

Find, e.g., a hidden place with original paint at each end of the car.  Do they 
match?  Pull the rubber trim/gasket that goes around the door opening to 
weatherproof it - is there an uneven spot somewhere at the top?  Feel the roof 
lining _carefully_ for ridges hidden underneath it.

 Phil Payne 
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club