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Re: Hakka 10 (studs or no studs)

>>For those of you citing experience with the Hakka 10's, were you running
>>studs or not?
>>(Blah blah - you read it once or twice already)
>I have had four Quattros - all with over 150,000 on them which translates
>into a lot of rubber usage. Tried many for our Wisconsin and Minnesota
>weather. Haka 10's are the BEST - but do have a little more wear and road
>noise. Right now I am about to pull my Dunlop summer tires and put the NRW's
>back on - they are a nice "compromise" tire.

Thanks for the response, Dave, but all you told me was that you've used and
liked Nokia products and where you live.
What I want to know is do you or do you not use studs in the Hakka 10's.
I'm pretty much sold on the tire, but don't know what everyone is saying to
buy - studs or no studs???

Bob Davis
First Internet Resources