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Re: Dead Speakers like Shef's

At 09:34 AM 10/9/96 PDT, you wrote:
> While my antenna is a bit more cooperative, my passenger rear speakers   
>are not.  The passenger side rear is out most of the time, on rare   
>occasions when driving real hard, cornering and such it comes to life.  I   
>checked the wiring and worked with Crutchfield (Sony head unit) they   
>thought it was the converter for the unique Audi gorund.  But replacing   
>the converter unit yielded no new results.  I am going to run a small   
>external amp (Accoustic 60x2) for the rears, and bypass that whole   
>ordeal.  I am having trouble finding out where the crossover is located   
>for the rear components set.   
The most likely place for the intermittent speakers is at the Duo-Sound
switch (the headphone jack/switch on the rear deck). The rear speakers feed
through the switch. All four 5k's that I have owned had an intermittent
connection there. The crossover for the rear speakers is in the amp under
the rear deck. If you want to replace the amp, all the appropriate wires are
there to use an aftermarket unit. You will need an external crossover if you
want to connect the speakers in the rear doors. The connectors for the
existing amp will accept the standard 1/4" male spade lug connectors. A pair
of 6X9 speakers can be mounted under the rear deck also BTW. No cutting of
sheetmetal or wires is required. 

               Michael Loeks
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