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Re: Pre Oil

>>PS: Is there such a beast as an engine pre-oiler? Opinions?  - Rob Dupree
>When I change my oil I turn over the engine with the coil terminal (12v
>supply) removed.  This, I believe, will run the oil pump, fill the galleries
>, without any ignition applied.
>You might try a dash switch which disables the coil?  then on that weekend
>1st start, you could crank the engine with no spark a few times then flip it
>on and run.  
>Side effect - I suppose this would also pre fuel the car a bit?  might help
>on cold winter mornings, kind of an extra cold start valve?  Maybe not
>Anyway I've never had any odd results.
>Huw Powell

Hi Folks

A pressure accumulator with either a manual or electric solenoid operated
valve would probably work. Has anyone used one of these for an Audi?
 It seems like a good way to prolong engine life, you could use it everytime
you do a cold start. 

Also, along the same line of thought, anybody know what kind of pressure
"the Bomb"  works under, and if it has a diaphram or piston? 
Or is it simply a gas over oil type?

Burl Vibert
87 5kCSTQ
83 Coupe