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RE: Quattro Coupe Questions

>2. Locking differential. How common is it for this to fail and what
>   is the best way to tell if it has failed?

Depends which diff is not locking. The center uses a cable mechanism
which probably isn't properly adjusted. To trouble shoot the diff locks,
you should start at the lock knob and start tracing out the vacum lines
to the diff lock servos. See if the servos move. Is vacum present at
the servos? You just need to start trouble shooting the system. Not sure
how much a vac servo costs, but recently someone mentioned that
these are the same as the door lock vac servos, you could always
pull a good one out of a door in a wrecking yard.
Dave Lawson  71344.2441@compuserve.com

I checked this out when I pulled the door-locking crap out of the 84 4KQ race car - the diff lock actuators are NOT the same as the door actuators. The linkage piece is different though the servos appear to be very similar.