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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1191

Fellow listers,

I need some advise from anyone who might have had experience in this 
area.  I hav a 1987 Coupe GT with a slipping clutch.  I have been looking 
into replacements and have found several options.  I will NOT use a re 
Manufactured clutch disc.  I have been priced a complete kit from SACH 
for $187 all new parts.  I have also found a copany that makes a kit 
called    Brute Power   for $225.  I called the company and they told me 
that the advantages to their kit were that it used a pressure plate with 
20-30 % more spring tension(depending on the application)  and that the 
Discs were made of a very "Grippy" high tech compund "using only the 
finest Earth Friendly products."  Has anyone heard of this kit?  (It is 
supposedly in the back of some performance mags.)  Has anyone USED this 
kit?  If so, what were your feelings about it?  Did it increase the 
pressure needed to depress the clutch?  

Any feedback would be appreciated.....