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Re: Audi Quattro vs BMW 325 IX vs Mercedes 4-trac

>From: SDSU <jknittle@sundown.sdsu.edu>
>Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 06:52:12 -0700
>Subject: Audi Quattro vs BMW 325 IX vs Mercedes 4-trac
>Hi everyone,
>I would like to know how these all wheel drive systems compare, and how the
>cars compare in general.  I understand neither BMW nor Mercedes makes an all
>wheel drive model anymore, at least not that I know of, instead these makers
>have swiched to traction control.  But how were their attempts to break into
>the quattro market?  Anyone own one or at least take one out for a test
>drive?  Again, I am sorry if I am dredging up an old debate, but I am new
>subscriber, and have not yet seen a post about this.

I own a 91 300E 4matic, and I can compare it to the 89 200 (non-q) and
the 1995.5 S6.  The MB drivetrain sends most of the power to the rear
wheels most of the time, and the car drives like a typical rear wheel
driver.  If you get into slippery stuff, say driving over a patch of
wet leaves on the road, and the rear wheels slip at all, the thing
shifts to four wheel drive, lights up a big red warning light on the
dashboard, and changes it's feel completely for a while, seems like
you're driving a front wheel drive vehicle.  Once you're back on the
dry pavement, it reverts to it's earlier feel.

Certainly not a sporty car.  Very solidly constructed, but kinda old in
it's design, very reserved and conservative.  Also cost twice what the
200 had cost.  All in all, not a car that I would ever consider buying
again.  We only got it because the 200 got T-boned and totalled while
the wife was driving it, and she wanted the safest car money could buy
as a replacement.

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