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Missing Link?

Nittany Lion rpm126@psu.edu (rpm) asked:

>          looking for input on a minor glitch thrown at me by the audi gods.
> My 1990 200t 's trunk won't unlock with the central locking system.   I can
>  still open the trunk by turning the key to the diagonal position.    This
>  happened once before, but it repaired itself somehow.   Not a terible
>  problem, but quite irksome.   Anyone have any cluse, experiences or repair
> reciepts? ; )    Any input appreciated.   TIA.
>  Reid Meyer

My 1990 200 was doing this when I bought it.  It's easy to pull the 
trunk lock and have a loot at it.  I found that in mine, the link 
which was actuated by the vacuum servo (that's what locks it) was not 
working.  After I pulled the lock apart as far as I could, I really 
couldn't see a way to fix it....so I replaced it with one from a 
wrecking yard.  You CAN pull the tumblers out and replace them with 
your original tumblers - it's easy.

So - I would pull the lock out and have a look at it, with attention 
to the link and whether it CAN be moved.  Mine would not budge; the 
trunk could be locked and unlocked manually, but the vacuum system 
actuated by the doors would not move it.

Note that the dealer price for this part is about $165, while the wrecking 
yard lock cost me $65.  Not cheap, but a MUCH better value.

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