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Re: A4 Electronic locking diffs...

I'll simply never understand why they don't put the Torsen diff in all three
locations.  That would be the ultimate solution, allowing 51% of the torque
to be directed to a single tractive wheel (based on the standard claim of
80% torque redirection in a Torsen diff).

I'm Torsens cost money, but so does the current EDL system that brakes a
spinning wheel (though I guess they'd already spent the hardware money to
get ABS, leaving just software development cost).

I guess, upon reflection, I can see that the EDL system can direct close to
100% of the torque to a single tractive wheel (if the EDL can actually brake
three spinning wheels as claimed).  I can also see that it would be "a Bad
Thing"tm for the EDL system to apply the brakes at speed.  I can imagine the
change in car behavior that could result, possibly making a bad situation

Am I missing something?  Why couldn't Torsen diffs be used all around?


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