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Re: Vacuum Leak

Roland wrote:

>WD40 spray works fine, too!  Great for those 5K manifold gasket failures.

Sorry, but I think using  WD40 to hunt for vacuum leaks is a VERY bad idea.
If I'm not mistaken, the oil in WD40 is a SILICONE.  SILICONEs contaimnate
OXS sensors.  That's why we are now being warned not to use silicone
sealants when installing OXS sensors.  Well, maybe if you want a reason to
replace your OXS, it isn't such a bad idea. :-)

BTW, read the label on your can of WD40.  The propellant is PROPANE!!!  I
know of one source of professional auto repair info that has the mechanic
search for vacuum leaks with an unlit propane torch.

Happy motoring!
Bob Wheeldon
'90 V8Q
Principal Engineer
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
robert a wheeldon@boeing.com