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Re: Quattro vs. Subaru AWD

I have no experience driving Subaru AWD.

However two things make me sure quattro is superior in snow.
Firstly, I recently had a Subaru behind me going up a snow 
covered ski road. This driver closed up rapidly behind me
while I was dawdling uphill enjoying the scenery. My pulse rate quickened
and the challenge accepted. Within about two corners it was VERY clear
that the Subaru's traction was way below my 4th generation quattro. 
Conditions were such that maximum torque and power were not a factor.

Secondly, a friend owns a turbo AWD Legacy and he warned me to be careful
before my first venture into snow because he said its very easy to spin the
car if too much power is applied. I was keen to explore this of course!!
What I found was that overpowering in a snow covered corner causes a stable
drift to the outside of the corner which is instantly correctable by lifting
off - assuming of course you're not going downhill!

IMHO Subaru AWD is very good but quattro is even better.

P.S. My Subaru friend has a 30V 2.8 A4q on order.

Greg Spark                   '96 A4 1.8Tq
sparkg@wave.co.nz            MTM 187hp
Hamilton, New Zealand